A class for toddlers where the focus is on simple movements, taking directions and developing coordination. The goal is to provide a healthy, positive and fun experience to stimulate a love of dance.


A pre-Ballet class for young dancers (ages 3-4). The focus is on simple Ballet movements, such as basic positions and barre technique, taking directions and developing coordination. The goal is to provide a healthy, positive and fun experience to stimulate a love of dance.

COmbo classes

Combo classes (ages 4-7) allow the younger dancer, with little to no dance experience, to explore multiple styles of dance in a one-hour class period.  These one-hour classes have a stronger focus on dance technique, vocabulary and learning sequences of steps than our classes geared towards toddlers but give the students a chance to try different types of dance and find what genres they enjoy most.  Some of the combination classes offered are Tap/Jazz/Ballet, Ballet/Jazz, Ballet/Tap and Tap/Hip Hop. 


This is the foundation for all styles of dance with an emphasis on proper technique, poise and balance. It fosters not only an awareness of line, but also tones and strengthens the body while demanding grace and precision.


A combination of Ballet, Jazz and Modern with an emphasis on dramatic interpretation of the music. It utilizes the fluidity of Ballet with the control of Modern and the freedom of Jazz.


A dance style that can best be described as a modern fusion of Jazz and street dancing, often seen in music videos. It draws upon styles ranging from pirouettes to break dancing. This popular, fun and energizing form of dance is one of the few disciplines in which personal style and creativity are considered to be very important.


Jazz teaches the development of flexibility and control through the use of isolation, turns, leaps and progressing combinations. It helps students discover their own sense of internal rhythm, coordination and personal style. Lyrical is a style of Jazz that incorporates Ballet and Modern to move with fluidity while emphasizing the illustration of song lyrics through choreography and performance.


An American art form in which the dancer creates sound through rhythmic footwork. The dancing focuses on the development of the dancer as a whole and on the clarity of sound.


This class applies the strength and flexibility of Ballet to creative interpretation that concentrates on personal expression. It develops intense balance and body awareness, while at the same time encouraging spontaneous movement.


A form of theatrical performance that incorporates song, acting and dance to tell a written story.


An advanced form of Ballet technique done on special Pointe shoes that allows dancers to go up on their toes. Pointe classes are by teacher recommendation only.

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